Hi, My name is SHOGO KUBO, I am a Spanish Classical Guitarist

from Japan. 

I have been playing guitar for 25 years, and have over 10 years

of experience teaching guitar to students of all ages.

All private lessons are taught at my studio. There is a guitar

available for lessons at my studio please feel free to use it.

if you don't have a guitar I'll advise you how, and where to

purchase it in your budgets.
The classical guitar has a wide range of world musical styles

and there is something for everyone: Renaissance, Baroque,

Classical, Modern, Spanish, Tango, Popular, sorts of Flamenco,

Jazz, Rock, etc. Once you learn the classical guitar techniques,

you will be able to apply them to all kinds of music.
The rate is $40 ineach individual lesson. 

Or $35 for each lesson if you are paying for four lessons in

advance,  the total payment is $140. 

Each lesson is approximately 60 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,
Phone & text: (347) 241-4094

E-mail: guitarsho@yahoo.com
Studio: East 13th Street(bet.1&2Ave), New York, NY 10003. 



ギター レッスン - スパニッシュ・クラシカルギター  







Phone & text: (347)
Email: guitarsho@yahoo.com


He is a very patient, talented teacher, highly recommend. - Josh

I've been taking lessons with Shogo for the past 10 years. glad I found him always look forward to my lessons, he is an awesome and thoughtful teacher. - Robert
Shogo is patience, attentiveness and encouraging me always, finds a way to attach the lessons to actual songs so it makes it easier to learn and all my questions are answered in great detail. very reliable and responsible I'd highly recommend him to anybody. - Yuki
I recommend Shogo to everyone at all levels, from beginning to advanced, and at all ages.
I have known Shogo because my friend in music school (composition major whose primary instrument is a guitar) takes lessons from him. This summer I started taking lessons from him as well because playing guitar is a requirement for the music therapy program. Although I have some experience in music, playing guitar was totally a new thing. Despite that, within a few months, my skills improved dramatically thanks to my teacher (: The best part of taking lessons from Shogo was that he knew how to work out with students with relatively small hands. My hands are small like elementary school kids'. Therefore, I had difficulties playing some chords at first, but he worked things out!
So, obviously Shogo can teach beginners like me as well as college-level students like my friend, and even small kids! He is an experienced teacher who can guide each student step by step to achieve their individual goals. By the way, Shogo is an exceptional performer too. His interpretation is unique, and his performance is always very musical! So, if someone wants to brush up their expression in music, Shogo is the right person to learn from (: - Starla 


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